Silent Divers坐落在泰国湾心脏地带的美丽苏梅岛上。

在苏梅岛与Silent Divers一起潜水


自2013年12月起,我们拥有一艘经过精心准备和改装的快艇,无论您是潜水员还是浮潜者,都可以从中获得最大的享受。 我们的船员全是泰国人,具有深厚的航海背景,并且充分了解进行安全专业潜水之旅的需求。


Silent Divers,作为专业的潜水学校/中心完全符合泰国目前所有有关潜水的法律要求,包括那些非强制性的国家及地方法律法规。由此增加了潜水者的信心和安全。


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出于苏梅岛的优利位置,我们可以提供海湾地区最好的潜水点:帆船石Sail Rock, Angthong国家海洋公园、Southwest Pinnacle, Chumphon Pinnacle和Koh Tao岛。

如果您从未潜过水,请让我们经验丰富的教练向您展示寂静的世界; 从最基本到职业水平。总是以小团队为主,因而获得最大的乐趣。



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Our costumers say

  • We booked a one day excursion with Silent Divers, after reading some very positive reviews on Tripadvisor. They lived up to all the expectations and we had a great time. They pick you up from your hotel and bring you to a pier where you have a light snack and start preparation. We had 2 dives at Sail Rock (about a 45 minute speedboat ride). We were a group of 8 in the pack, split between two Divemasters: Luis and Cristian. The location, organisation, boat, ... all was executed well and very much enjoyable. I would recommend to anyone who wants a care free experience while on holiday. There are only a few dive shops that offer speedboat service, most of the others offering large boats (you need to factor in several hours more)... so Silent Divers has a great advantage.
    Z.Law – July 2014

  • Having worked on dive boats in Australia as a Dive Master I tend to be quite critical of other dive operations when I dive for pleasure.Have to say that the day with Silent Divers was well worth it. It was overcast and a bit choppy so the visibility wasn't the greatest but the choice of dive sites, Mango Bays and the Twins, was perfect for these conditions. The dive gear was excellent, the boat was fast and comfortable. The Captain of the boat was a great character and everyone enjoyed his sense of humour and cheeky grin. Luis and the rest of the dive crew were simply fantastic, totally professional and helpful in every way. I highly recommend Silent Divers to certified divers, intro divers, snorkelers and those whiting to become certified divers. I look forward to diving with them again next trip.
    S.Casserole – August 2014

  • I decided to do my OWD Course with Silent Divers after exchanging a few friendly emails with Luis. Luis was very flexible which made it very easy for me to arrange the rest of my holiday. After spending a few hours doing the confined water dives with Luis, I spent the next two days with Armin putting my newly learned skills into practice, first at Koh Tao and then at Sail Rock. The atmosphere on the boat was both professional and relaxed. The speedboat to and from the dive sites was a plus as it ensured that we were back mid afternoon at the latest. The two and a half days I spent with Silent Divers was the best part of my trip to Samui.
    I'd happily recommend them to anyone looking to complete a course or just enjoy a day of diving.
    R.Clark - September 2014