Luis Arpa

Director and Instructor

Born and raised in the northern spanish mediterranean coast (26/11/1980) Luis has been in Thailand since 2013. He discovered the underwater world in 2001 when he got his first diving license and has been diving around the world ever since. Today he’s ranked as PADI MSDT and SSI OWSI. He is fluent in english, spanish and catalan. Luis always had a deep admiration for the ocean and its inhabitants. After getting a degree in Biology he decided to move forward in the field and get a Ph.D. in immunology which, eventually, allowed him to move to Southern California and get a possition as a postdoctoral fellow in a worldwide reknowned research institute. But he soon realized living within 4 walls surrounded by microscopic beings wasn’t his thing and, two years later, he decided to quit science. By that time he already was an experienced Rescue diver. It wasn’t though until he met his friend and bussiness partner Guillermo a few months later while they were taking classes to become comercial boat captains that together they decided to move to Thailand and take over a small dive center in Koh Samui, which was on sale by that time. Furthermore Luis is a diehard fan of the great masters of history.

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

– Grand Master Yoda – 


Office manager

Ángel was born in Sevilla (19/04/79). After working as a fashion photographer in several european capitals such as Madrid, Paris and Milano she decided to take some time off to roam around Thailand. 3 years later she is still here working as our office manager and photographer at the Silent Mermaids School. She is also an underwater enthusiast and is training to get her PADI Divemaster license.

“I came here for 3 months and it’s been 3 years already… There is some places, people, situations that hook you up and you can’t explain why… certain things have to be experienced to understand them… you have to feeel them.”


Damián Romero


From a city in the south of Spain called Sevilla (12/12/1981) Damian is in Thailand since 2012 and a certified diver since 2001. He is ranked as PADI OWSI and SSI OWSI. Damian was a set and scenery constructor for theatre and cinema and fire juggler but his real passion was diving. One day he decided to turn his hobby into a way of life. For Damian, teaching others how to be calm under the sea is really satisfying. Changing fear into confidence is great. He really finds amazing how the different underwater species interact each other creating this magic balance, like Nemos living in the anemonies or the gobies sharing a burrow with the blind shrimp.

Ivo Deinert


Ivo was born in Magdeburg, a city in eastern Germany close to Berlin.
He worked as an electrician and studied law in Dresden.

When he came the first time to Thailand, he did his OW and AOW and was so fascinated from the underwaterworld, that he decided  to become an insructor.
His passion is night-diving.
Since the first dive he visited every year Thailand for few month. Since December 2015 he is living on Koh Samui.

Keep Diving!


Aroon Wannapen

Driver and warehouse technician

“Joy” was born in Thailand (10/05/1981) and speaks thai and english.

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